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    We have participated dozens of exhibitions in the past ten years.

    Songguan has served more then 10,000 gyms nationwide

    Professional customization .Quality assurance.Exquisite workmanship . Diverse styles

    Jiangsu Songuan Bag Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise dedicated to product design and development,production and processing, and sales.

    According to customer requirements, we support mass customization of various sports bags, fitness bags, advertising bags, travel bags, etc., as well as processing and production of samples and materials. Songuan is the best choice for enterprises or individuals to customize bag.Whether it is OEM or ODM customized form, Songuan can let you experience the brand value and perfect service perfectly. Songuan adheres to the maintenance service guarantee that is free of working hours and service fees for life.

    From design to making samples to mass production, Songuan always adheres to the principle of being serious, fast, honest, on time, guaranteeing quality and guaranteeing the delivery of quantity!

    As the American general company famously said: the customer is the customer. This is also the purpose we have always respected.Every day, starting from each product, Songuan people are consistent to do each product well, to ensure each customer love, and become a permanent partner with every customer.

    The prototype of Shanghai Guanrui Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Appeared
    Jiangsu Shonguan Bag Manufacturing Co., Ltd. original name Shanghai Guanrui Industrial Co., Ltd. was established Registered capital of 10 million
    Songuan participated in various exhibitions all over the country IWF Shanghai International Fitness Exhibition China International Sporting Goods Expo CHINAFIT Sports and Fitness Conference International cross-border e-commerce exhibition, etc.
    The annual output has exceeded 2 million bags At least 6000 bags are produced every day on average
    Songuan has developed into a large-scale bag manufacturing enterprise which covers an area of 20 acres and the available workshop area is 5,000 square meters. Songuan has more than 100 sets of advanced bag production equipment.There are 11 people in the marketing department, 5 people in the sample department,180 people in the production department ,10 people in the quality inspection department and 10 people in packaging department
    Some cooperative customers show
    Some OEM brands are inconvenient to display due to signed confidentiality agreements
    Quality Assurance property rights protection Free proofing drop shipping
    #1 Chuangye Road, Baotan Town, Lianshui County, Huai 'an City, Jiangsu Province